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Sep 24, 2012 2:50am EDT
of the largest united states government agencies... "all it takes is a few simple steps, and the payment can be on its way. the sooner people file, the faster they'll receive their money." that's the u.s. government saying they have money, we want to send it to people, but they have to apply, they have to fill out the form-- some of these forms are just a half-page. >> that's incredible. >> but you have to know where the forms are. >> yes. >> and the forms are there. here's another one here. um... "our new website is a call to action. it's your money." they're holding money for you. "it's up to you to claim it. the online search is easy, and you can start the process, the claim process, immediately. the average claim gets to you in little than 30 days." so in 30 days, you can get money. they're holding $2 billion, this one agency, of unclaimed property that is owed to people. it's just sitting there with their name on it. all a person has to do is apply, see if it's there. and when i did this, i said, "there's no way i have money coming to me." i got $253 and, and 1500. but there's more. rig
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1